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The Grapevine Center is a nonprofit, consumer-operated facility funded by the Butler County MH/DA/ID office. The Grapevine Center also receives funding through the United Way of Butler. If you would like a speaker for your group or organization, please call the Grapevine Center number on our contact page.

Welcome to the Grapevine Center’s “Drop in Center”

              140 N. Elm Street, Butler, PA 16001  *   724-283-1704

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 Grapevine Center, Inc.  is an independent, non-profit organization.  It is consumer operated to benefit persons with  mental illnesses.   Like most support groups, it offers a chance to share problems, advice and ideas with others who have similar concerns, in an atmosphere of understanding, empathy, and confidentiality.

For quite some time, a  mental health support group in Butler, had been a dream of consumers and professionals alike.  Due to a small initial group of mental health consumers who expressed their needs, and to the professionals who listened, and helped them organize, this has now become a reality with the Grapevine Center.

Grapevine Center originally started as M*A*S*H, and met in a conference room at Irene Stacy Community Mental Health Center, in 1992.  Guest speaker, Jim Allas, a consumer and mental health advocate from Pittsburgh was the original spark that ignited a flame.  The fire is still burning and has been growing slowly, but steadily, ever since.

Bingo at the GV Drop in Center

Bingo at the GV Drop in Center

We were so fortunate to have the kind assistance of the staff members from Irene Stacy Community Mental Health Center, Transitional Living, Inc. and the Mental Health Association, who all contributed much time and effort to organize and assist the group, even though  M*A*S*H was an independent organization,

Advisors from these organizations attend meetings and act as consultants.  The Mental Health Association originally donated the use of a room to hold meetings and house the Drop-In Center.  Transitional Living, Inc.’s  made their fourteen-passenger van available to provide transportation as needed.

With additional individual and community support, including outside funding, the organization soon expanded.  M*A*S*H changed its name to Grapevine Center, and obtained a bigger facility and more equipment to effectively meet the social and therapeutic needs of the large group of mental health services consumers. Mental Health consumers have historically been excluded from a quality of life which is taken for granted by other community members.  Grapevine Center works to raise public awareness, and acceptance of them for who they are – neighbors, family members, friends and active citizens.

Now, Grapevine Center, Inc. proudly boasts a Drop-In Center that is open 7 days a week, and an ongoing, recreational, social and educational program to meet the needs of consumers, including monthly activities —parties, dances, picnics, trips to points of interest, shopping expeditions, softball, visits to other centers, etc.  Grapevine Center offers a full range of resources and support.  see slideshow and our Resources page

Grapevine Center now boasts 6 vehicles – cars, vans and a moving van which serve the transportation and moving needs of its consumers;  a Warmline which operates from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.  We also boast a team of Certified Peer Specialists, which offers  Peer to Peer support, helps work out a Wellness Recovery Action Plan;  and provides guidance to Community Resources and Mental Health Resources.  Grapevine Center’s Consumer/ Family Support Team provides valuable service in improving Behavioral Health services by bringing the input and voice of consumers to the relevant organizations and authorities, providing feedback and corrective action.  Grapevine Center also hosts a number of support groups.

With the dedicated support of our staff and volunteers, Grapevine Center will continue to grow and serve more of the needs of its consumers.

Grapevine Center is very grateful for the funding of the United Way, CFC, Butler County, SECA, and the public.

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