Just before our Remembrance & Celebration of Life Rally on October 5th, 2016, our Board President, Tim Moreino received a Proclamation from the County Commissioners declaring the week of October 3 – 9, 2016 to be Mental Illness.week , in order to raise public awareness about mental ilnesses.  Serious mental illnesses are now more common than cancer, diabetes or heart disease and are the number one reason for hospital admissions nationwide.  click here to see the Proclamation




AP Article

Please note that Grapevine Center has met with Butler County Police in the past, to foster better understanding of  people with mental illnesses and how to deal with them in a way that does not lead to escalation.

Once again, in September, Butler County Police came to the Center to meet with our members and talk about any issues.  We hope this friendly interaction and the willingness of the police to understand the issues faced by people with mental health issues and learn to work with them, will continue and bear fruit.




Name Change Honors Director- 2
Bette Peoples Honored Mental Health Transitional Living Center of VA named after her


See our Tribute to Bette Peoples and the Grapevine Center in the Tribute Edition of the Grapevine newsletter “Heard it Through the Grapevine

Bette TL Center

Video Tribute to Bette Peoples on the occasion of the dedication of the Transitional Living Building of the VA to Bettehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdKFBbmsCYI

BETTE PEOPLES TRANSITIONAL CARE CENTER - cropped_________________________________________________________________

picture4Laughter and tears were shared Tuesday as the lives of 10 Grapevine Center and community members who died in the past year were memorialized at an annual remembrance.
According to the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors, people who suffer from severe mental illness die about 25 yers sooner than the general population.picture3

The Grapevine Center assists people who suffer from mental illness through a variety of programs, including a drop-in center, one-on-one peer support to individuals, Sunday meals and frequent other free meals, touching thousands of lives every year … more



Mental Illness and dependency issues affect individuals and families of all ages and socioeconomic statuses.
As a result, many of the services and programs run by organizations that address those issues are geared
toward helping people maintain and gain employment.  At the verpicture1y least, their goal is to help individuals
maintain quality of life and continue to live in the community.
The Grapevine Center in Butler, employs certified peer specialists — people who have experienced
mental illness and drug and alcohol addiction firsthand — to help … more

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