IM4Q (Independent Monitoring for Quality) is part of the Pennsylvania intellectual disabilities system’s Multi-Year Plan. Its purpose is to collect information and feedback so that the quality of life of the people being served or supported by the intellectual disabilities service system, can be improved, or maintained at a high standard of excellence.  Consumers should be exposed to and enabled to take advantage of the best treatment and opportunities available, so that they can live the best lives possible for them.  IM4Q’s function also minimizes opportunities for the abuse of those who are unable to advocate for or defend themselves.IM4Q 3



The quality of the services for people with intellectual disabilities, is monitored by independent, local teams, free of any conflict of interest with the survey2intellectual disabilities service system itself.   Team members, are people who either have disabilities themselves, or are family members of people with intellectual disabilities; or they may just be  interested others.

Typically, the people interviewed live:

  1.  with their families or
  2. with companions in  licensed community homes;        
  3. intermediate care facilities;
  4. nursing facilities;    
  5. personal care homes; or
  6. independently:


IM4Q 1Monitoring Teams interview random samples of developmentally challenged individuals and / or their family members, to assess the quality of the Intellectual Disabilities services they have received.                                   IM4Q involvement is voluntary.


Interviews are arranged at the convenience of the interviewee,  take about an hour using a standard survey instrument, and are confidential.




No personal identifying information is contained in the reports created from the IM4Q survey results.  These reports are then shared with providers; County MH / Intellectual Disability Programs, and others for quality improvement purposes.  Copies of reports can be viewed at:


Individuals may choose to share the results of their survey with their support team if they so desire.


The County MH/ID Program/ AE uses the results of interviews for quality improvement purposes, such as making changes to a person’s Individual Intellectual Disabilities Support Plan.




IM4Q ensures that the intellectual disabilities service system is held accountable to improve services and supports based on the feedback obtained through the interviewing process.


IM4Q provides a compass to people with intellectual disabilities & their families to exercise control over the decisions that affect their lives: 

  • to direct policies & procedures; 
  • make informed   choices; and 
  • assert control over their financial resources.




 IM4Q also ensures that individuals understand the options available to them for medical treatment, housing, transportation, education and  employment. 

1 IM4Q

IM4Q ensures that people with intellectual disabilities receive the vocational and educational opportunities  available to them; so that they are able to live the best lives possible for them.


We address any urgent issues or concerns immediately! 

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