Who is this program for?

Incarcerated people who have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness or co-occurring drug & alcohol disorder.

It costs approximately $25,000 per year to incarcerate an individual in a federal prison.  Unfortunately, recidivism is extremely high, with 67% of ex-offenders being re-arrested within 3 years of their release from prison.  


CASAColumbia Report

Grapevine Center’s Forensic Peer Support Program  is specifically intended to tackle and head off recidivism by helping people with mental health issues and/or co-occurring drug & alcohol disorders, reintegrate into the community after their release from prison.

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Feeling Stuck and Worried About Your Future?

drowningOur team of Certified Peer Specialists — our Forensic Peer Support Team — go into the prisons to consult with you.  

We can be a valuable resource for dealing with life in prisons, and can teach coping skills if desired;   however, the main objective is to prepare you for re-entry into the community.

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questionsThe re-entry process into the community can be overwhelming.  Our Forensic Peer Support team empowers  you, their Peers to identify and actively  develop your personal goals and objectives.  


Your Forensic Peer and you will  search together for the resources you need to:


  •  obtain adequate housing 


  • obtain a source of income

* Apply for Social Security,

  • Apply for medical benefits & get your meds
  • Obtain transportation to vans_transportationand from parole 

We can also help with certain individualized, custom needs, such as appearing with you in court; directing you to obtain the education you need to succeed in life, etc.

The aim of this program is to support Peers in prison, so that when they are released , their basic needs are planned and provided for; and wellness and recovery goals are established and met, so that recidivism is greatly diminished.  


We want to help YOU  to live a fulfilling, meaningful life outside of the prisons!

Let us be the bridge from where you are to where you want to be.


GV will advocate for all people

11 thoughts on “Forensic Peer Support

  1. I just got my CPSS but i want to get into the forensic peer support, but im having no luck finding a training program here. The need is here but im just stuck. Anyone or advice is welcome.

  2. Hello I’M a certified peer specialist, but my journey will not stop here I want to become a valuable Forensic Peer Specialist. I know there’s a great need to help those that’s incarcerated to give them a chance to have a better life and stop recidivism if only one person at a time.

    1. Check out our Homepage for links in the sidebar for CPS Training.
      Once you are trained and certified as a Certified Peer Specialist, you can be employed by the Grapevine Center or anyone else as a Forensic Peer.
      You will get further training on the job.

  3. message to al lane can get the grape vine peer specialist mail a eticket to ups Henderson nv boulder gity hywy nv. 89015 my name is lee oesterling iam missing December threw augest benefit check 709.25 and 269.49 every month can u get them to put the money in a bank account from regions bank its a checking account iwill pay you 400.00 dollars to get the check in the account lee oesterling

    1. Sure Lee, we can send you a ticket to come home. Please see Laura at The UPS store as she agreed to help me get it to you. Remember I will need the day and time you want to leave to buy the ticket. So please see Laura and we will get this worked out.

  4. I am currently an certified peer specialist employed by the dept of veterans affairs. I would like to attend this training as I work with veterans in the criminal justice system.

    1. Check out our Homepage for links in the sidebar for CPS Training.
      Once you are trained and certified as a Certified Peer Specialist, you can be employed by the Grapevine Center or anyone else as a Forensic Peer.

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