These comments were taken from actual surveys completed by our members when asked what value Grapevine Center was in their lives or notes sent to us :

Please accept this donation from a recovering drug addict and alcoholic who is grateful for Every Day!  Clean time since 3-8-1989 (28 years).
Bless you for your good works!  — DG

Warmline testimony 2

I feel good about myself.  I think am doing good.   I like my job at the Grapevine.  I feel the Grapevine helps people get along with each other.

It’s a safe and fun place to hang out and a lot of people have similar problems.

Helps me get out of the house.

They just do an outstanding job for my stability

I love going here.  I love the ride here, to look at the different scenery, to be here at the Grapevine, to read and watch TV and sometimes get some-thing to eat and drink at Hot Shop and gas station.   Love being here with the people here.

This program has helped me significantly.

Provides a place for recreation and socialization that is stigma-free.

The Grapevine is a wonderful support for me and all of my brothers and sisters.
Provides me with a way to “give back” and show gratitude for all I have received.

Helps people with rides and shopping.

Socializing with peers is such a help.

I think it’s just a great place to hang out.

It gives me a place to come and socialize with others.

I love the field trips and activities.


I can and do relax and communicate with a lot of the people here.

Nice place to think and get information about community. 

I Would like to work in this environment.

Great place to exercise social skills and beyond.
Keeps me out of trouble.
Staying connected, and a way of giving back.
It is beneficial to me because I made a lot of nice new friends.
 Social networking.

Somewhere to go daily. Don’t have to worry about drugs and alcoholic behavior. Socialization and a place to spend time.They’re kind and they’re nice. Socialization


Disabled Veteran & Friends Having Fun

Helps me with Social skills.  Friends.  Keeps me off the street. Got me out of Mt. Place. Kenny feels good about himself.  Keep doing good with people.  Get along with people all the time. I am trying to do good.

Tribute - Pam
Tribute - Jerry
James Russell's testimony
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