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With respect and dignity for all,the Grapevine Center will empower peers to mentor, inspire and support individuals and families in recovery.
Grapevine Center will advocate for social justice on behalf of all people.

Grapevine Center…blending good people with better choices for the best recovery.


Have a Healthy Lenten Fast!

Mardi GrasAfter Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras), many Christian communities across the world will be fasting for 40 + days  for Lent,  beginning on Ash Wednesday (February 14th), in remembrance of Jesus’ 40 day fast in the desert, during which he prepared himself mentally and spiritually for what he had to go through.

Apart from  spiritual practices in preparation for Easter, this is an excellent time to take off some of those pesky extra pounds!  Use this time to increase your healthy lifestyle.  Lenten fasting is a lot less rigorous than Jesus’ fast, and involves fasting only during the day (no snacking), and eating  a modest supper each night.   This is a wonderful time to give your body a break from unhealthy foods, and generally to detox and heal.  We recommend it highly.

Giving up sugar is a wonderful Lenten sacrifice as sugar is one of the worst ingredients to put into your body, especially for Mental Health.  Simultaneously, add vegetables to your evening meal.  Walking instead of driving is also  a healthy Lenten sacrifice that will pay off physically as well as spiritually.  

Also, prayer and medGood Friday 1itation is amazingly therapeutic for the mind.  Be sure to spend time away from computers, TV’s and cell phones (any screens) and spend some time alone in prayer and meditation.  This not only puts you in touch with God, but calms your mental brainwaves, and reduces stress and anxiety.   It also helps you to order your thoughts and your life.  

All in all, Lenten fasts have numerous benefits both spiritual and physical & mental.  Take advantage of this practice.  We wish you all well during this Lenten Fast



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Two and a half years later, we are still so extraordinarily proud of  the honor    Butler County Human Services paid our Executive Director,    Bette Peoples, for her contribution to Mental Health services and the community, when they dedicated the transitional care unit of the VA Healthcare Center, to her:

Bette TL Center

    The dedication was celebrated at an open reception at the Grapevine Center on Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

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24 hour Crisis Hotline:   800-292-3866
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 24 hour Crisis Hotline:   800-292-3866
Copyright 2011 © Grapevine Center, Inc. All rights reserved.