Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

WRAP is an amazing method devised by the world-renowned Recovery Specialist, Mary Ellen Copeland, that is effective for almost any issue.  It empowers people to control and handle any issues they may have,  including Mental Health illnesses and/or Drug & Alcohol issues, and take an active role in designing their own recovery plans.  As such, it is beneficial for anyone who would like to develop to their fullest potential.  





Picture12WRAP gives you the keys to recognize:

  • Triggers;
  • DAILY maintenance Plan
  • Early Warning signs;
  • When things are breaking down; and then
  • Design your OWN CRISIS PLAN to help avoid relapses & hospitalizations 


for WHATEVER happens that you will need  others to help you with

This requires individual participation and input to develop a personalized plan for success.  

During the training, you will also view slides and see videos of how people, all over the world, have used WRAP to deal with the ongoing challenges of living with depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia & PTSD, among other issues, some not even related to Mental Health or Drug & Alcohol dependencies.

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Break Free

Breaking Free

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A  New You and a New Life Awaits!

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