Housing Engagement Program


                                Are You Homeless?                                 homeless-couple

In Danger of Becoming Homeless?

winter09_homelessKnow someone who is experiencing a housing crisis?

Grapevine Center may have an answer.


Every day, we encounter seriously mentally ill folks who are homeless.  They come to the Grapevine’s Drop-in Center because they are welcomed here.  We offer  food, coffee, hot showers, telephones, computers, companionship, and other resources. (See our resources here)

We also offer support and try to link them with existing services.  Even with that support and direction, many still fall through the cracks.  Some are just too ill.

People drawn to the Grapevine’s resources, develop a rapport with us, and over time, learn to trust our good intentions and ability to help .  Because of this rapport, we have had significant success helping such folk.  We are able to get some people into independent living, and we have been collaborating with other charities to access their services and programs.

Do you need even more personal help?


  If necessary we meet with people every day, and assess their needs, be it  apartment hunting, or accessing emergency shelter.  We help with resources, supplies, navigating the system, linkage to services, use of Grapevine facilities (showers, phones, computers, etc.), all the while providing a safe supportive environment where people can gather their thoughts.


Overwhelmed &  Intimidated by the System?

finding way through maze 4 We have developed a program that has been very successful linking people to other agencies for financial assistance and other support.  We are able to finding way through maze 2navigate the system and provide a direct and simple path to provide the most help for the people who need help the most, and who may be the most intimidated by the system. 

vintage-ladders-2We are even able to secure furniture, dishes, pots and pans, blankets, clothing, shoes, coats, and food for people in need, regardless of their housing situation.  So come on in, we look forward to helping you.   imagesBCHP555J



4 Housing Engagement Logo 1


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