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What is the Consumer Satisfaction Team?

Like you, we are a team of consumers, or family  members of people who have used  Mental Health and/or Drug & Alcohol  services.


What we do:

We conduct interviews with you, the consumer, or with family members of consumers to assess your satisfaction with the Mental Health and/or Drug & Alcohol services you have accessed. 

Armed with your anonymous feedback,  we confer  with  your  providers  and  county  representatives to improve the quality of MH & D&A services in the county. Should you indicate that you need alterations  in  your  own  treatment or  services,  we  enable your voice to be heard.

Who we Report to:

We report consumer satisfaction to Mercer County Behavior Health Commission, and Value Behavioral Health,  OMHSAS and NWBHP Quality Management Committee where appropriate, to help  consumers improve the mental health and drug and alcohol services they receive.

Our Mission

The mission of  Mercer County Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team is to improve your quality of life by empowering YOU, and helping providers improve their services to you based on your Feedback about your experience with their services. 

We aim to  ensure that you are aware  of  what  is  available  to  you;  and  to immediately address any urgent issues or concerns you may want/need  addressed.


How does Mercer County C/FST Work?

Mercer County Consumer/ Family Satisfaction Team:

  1.  seeks to establish and maintain relationships with consumers. 
  2. aims at enabling you to assert any concerns you may have, in a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment.
  3. is intended to identify any specific areas of concern or trends in which provider or system improvement is needed.
  4. seeks to empower you as a consumer to improve your Mental Health or Drug & Alcohol services.
  5. is designed to be effective by requesting a Plan of Correction from providers, where significant  concerns or trends are identified, and by overseeing the outcome.
  6. exists to act as the liaison between consumers and behavioral health service providers, and the relevant overseeing representatives (MCBHC, VBH, OMHSAS, and NWBHP)

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We are your community, we want to empower you
finding way through maze 4
We can help you navigate the maze of Mental Health Services

Our Goals for You


  • Understand the options available to you for medical treatment,       housing,  transportation,   education & employment.
  •  Be one of the decision makers concerning your treatment.
  •  Have the least restrictive environment necessary for recovery.
  • ¨Be Given the opportunity to explore every path for recovery.
  •  Be part of society and the community to the greatest extent possible.
  •  Have the vocational and educational opportunities necessary to be an   active,   contributing member of the community.
  • Feel free to ask questions.
  •  Be listened to and be heard.
  • Be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Have the opportunity to

To request to complete a survey with a C/FST monitor, please click here:

GV will advocate
Funded by Mercer County Behavior Health Commission & Beacon Health Options
Grapevine Center Inc. Programs provide services and employment practices without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, ancestry or any other legally protected classification.

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