As your mind is a part of your body,  a healthy, organic diet, and exercise, is an essential component to mental health.  Not only should chemicals and additives be avoided in foods and the environment, but optimally, the body should be detoxified of chemicals and other toxins.  So many chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals have been added to our environment in the last century, and we have not known what the outcomes would be.  Some of the results are beginning to emerge.   Additionally, the chemical additives, plastic toxins and xeno-estrogens;  pesticides; pollutants; and GMO’s cause your body to be defficient in many essential elements, especially Magnesium and the peptide Glutathione.

For your information, and as alternate viewpoints only, we offer here links to information on the effects of chemicals in our food and environment, alternative views to healing, and new developments in,  and ancient practices for mental and emotional health.  This is not intended to replace your medical and/or psychiatric treatment, merely to inform you on what is available, and going on.


The categories we will be covering include:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Supplementing for Mental Health
  3. Exercise &  Yoga
  4. EFT  Emotional Freedom Technique
  5. Alternative Approaches & Voices

We will be adding information and methods as we become aware of them:

2-picture-4aHelpful Practices to Start With

Remember, your mind is a part of your body, and your body needs to be treated holistically.  Detox your body and your mind.

Avoid watching a lot of television, spending prolonged hours on the internet, or sleeping with the T.V. or radio on.  These are all things that put us into hypnotic trances, and program our subconscious minds.  We need to keep our minds as uncluttered as possible. Instead spend as much time as possible engaged in outside activities and sports, especially spend time in nature.  This will renew and invigorate your mind, soul and body.  

Image result for healthy mind body and soul

  1. Nutrition
  2. Supplementing for Mental Health
  3. Detox
  4. Exercise &  Yoga
  5. EFT  Emotional Freedom Technique
  6. Alternative Approaches & Voices




9 thoughts on “Alternative Views & Resources

  1. I really can’t believe how great this site is. Keep up the good work. I’m going to tell all my friends about this place.

  2. You sure know what you’re talking about. Everyone is going to soon be visiting your site.

  3. Superb blog! Do you have any tips and hints for aspiring writers?

    I’m hoping to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything.
    There are so many options out there that I’m
    totally confused .. Any tips? Appreciate it!

    1. Super Blog seems like huge task, maybe refine it a little. Research it all, use news stories from around the world for a more holistic approach. For example: GMO’s-in europe all foods must list if product contains GMO’s. Stateside we’re still discussing labeleing food items while Monsanto(maker of GMO’s) has a huge lobbing effort to see that does not happen here in US, it’s all about the money,always. World wide there have been many protests against Monsanto. Did you know that third generation males that injest GMO’s will become sterile?

      Hoping some of this info is helpful to you. You may contact me if further inquires needed.
      Best of luck to you.

  4. After much research it has been foung that GMO foods injested by third generation males will become sterile. GMO’s seeds are injected with Round Up a chemical weed killer harmful to humans. In Europe they have banned the use of GMO’s, the US has also been trying to get labeling on packages of food but Monsanto (the maker of GMO’s) has a strong lobbing effort to defeat these proposals. Please contact your reps to encourage them to vote against this important issue in our society while allowing labeling on all our packaging.

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