Remember, your mind is a part of your body, and your body needs to be treated holistically.  Detox your body and your mind.


Avoid watching a lot of television, spending prolonged hours on the internet, or sleeping with the T.V. or radio on.  These are all things that put us into hypnotic trances, and program our subconscious minds.  We need to keep our minds as uncluttered as possible.  Instead spend as much time as possible engaged in outside activities and sports, especially spend time in nature.  This will renew and invigorate your mind, soul and body.  

A rigorous exercise program is vital to your well-being — both for body and mind:  the body produces endorphins when you exercise, and has been shown to significantly improve depression, as well as sleep and anxiety.  Lack of sleep will significantly increase your stress levels and impede your body’s ability to heal itself.  

An effective exercise program need not be grueling.  Walking is excellent if that’s all you can do.  Then work up to short bursts of jogging.  Gentle Yoga is also extremely effective.  Probably more so than walking, especially for the effort put in.  Yoga can start off as chair yoga and progress from there.  See section on Yoga


Just being in nature is healing.  Perhaps it is because the grass and trees resonate at the 528 Hz frequency which is the same as the frequency/ vibration of Love.  The exercise and the outdoors will heal both mind and body.

Just lying under a tree, watching the leaves and thinking/meditating is immensely healing.


See Article:  Exercise Increases Brain Volume, Decreases Dementia Risk: Study