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At every meal, we make choices of what to feed our bodies—and our brains. Too much sugar and refined carbs, not enough good fats, inadequate intake of the right nutrients, and exposure to toxins can have a negative effect on our brains and even contribute to disorders ranging from brain fog to depression to Alzheimer’s. Nutrients are the fertilizer for the brain. When we get the right kinds, our brain can flourish and grow, even generating new cells in older age, long after science previously thought was possible.

My Son Stays in His Room All the Time?

While teenagers do need privacy, being cooped up and plugged in most of the time they are home is not good for their physical or mental health. The continuing lack of in-person interaction for teens has a particularly negative impact for boys, because they tend to bond through activities rather than conversation, but girls are impacted too. Suicide is all too frequent in this environment.


Shame, whether based on one's perceived faults and inabilities, or Trauma Induced Shame is debilitating. It has the lowest emotional frequency of all emotions and therefore puts one on a frequency with other low-frequency people and events. Here Dr. Christopher Germer explains Self-Compassion can help you handle, diminish, and ultimately overcome shame. Includes a wonderful … Continue reading SHAME & ITS ANTIDOTE

Substances in our Food & Products to Avoid

So many chemicals are added to our food and products today, which have not been properly tested for their effects on humans, or the testing is not acknowledged. However, we are discovering that certain of these chemicals are of particular danger to our physical and mental health. This video, The Disappearing Male Documentary has … Continue reading Substances in our Food & Products to Avoid