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2019 - 5Everyone needs a friend

Warmline is a service to anyone who needs a caring and sympathetic listener in the Butler County area.

The Warmline tries to keep the lines of communication open through conversation — no advice or lectures.   Warmline offers understanding, respectful,  supportive conversation to each caller.  Warmline  can also refer you to other avenues of help if you have an issue that we cannot help with directly.

Warmline staff are not therapists or counselors.   In case of emergency you should call: 

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Who Should Call?

If you are feeling lonely, iStock_000033852378_XXXLargeoverwhelmed, frustrated, desperate confused or have problems of any kind that you feel you would like to talk about, Warmline is here to listen, regardless of who you are.

Warmline specializes in responding to people who receive Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol services; and also to their families and friends.

However, Warmline is there for anyone who needs a friendly ear  during those difficult times in life.

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Testimony from an actual Grapevine member


Feeling desperate and alone?

We will not judge you on the basis of your diagnosis, treatment, or anything you need  to talk about.

Warmline Friend

Warmline is like having a friend on the other side of the phone; and sometimes talking to your friend is the only  therapy you need.


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When to Call Warmline

  • When you want to talk to someone confidentially
  • When you want to share a positive or negative experience with a peer  Sad-Woman-Silhouette2
  • When you feel lonely
  • When you are depressed,  suffering a loss
  • When a friend or a family member doesn’t understand
  • When you are frustrated
  • When you don’t know where to turn
  • If you are going through a tough period, you can ask us to call you every evening, or every other day — whatever you prefer.  We can do this for as long as you need/want it.






Warmline testimony 2
Actual Warmline client

When to Call

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Let Warmline help you say “Yes!” to life.