As a team of consumers and the family members of consumers, we gath1414-handser information  regarding services received in Butler County by consumers and / or their family members to assess their satisfaction with mental health and drug and alcohol services.  With a deep respect for each consumer’s rights and dignity, we report consumer satisfaction to the proper authorities to help  consumers live life to the fullest.


What are the Goals of  the Consumer Family Satisfaction Team?

  1. Consumer Family Satisfaction Team (C / FST)  establishes and maintains relationships with consumers. 
  2. C / FST  creates opportunities for consumers to assert their concerns in a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment.
  3.  C / FST  acts as the liaison between the consumers and the Behavioral Health Service Providers.
  4. C / FST  empowers consumers to become involved in their own treatment.

What are My Rights?

You have a right to:

  •  the least restricted environment for recovery.
  •  be one of the decision makers concerning your treatment.
  •  be given the opportunity to explore every path for recovery.  
  •  be treated with the same dignity and respect due persons without illness.
  •  recovery, and to the greatest extent possible, to be part of society: not having to separate from the community.
  • have the vocational and educational opportunities to become an active, contributing member of the community.



  • Is feeling free to ask questions
  • Is being treated with respect and dignity.
  • Is being listened to and being heard.
  • Is understanding the options available to you for medical treatment, education, employment, housing and transportation.
  • Is expecting and receiving the highest quality of treatment.


  • Visits all sites in Butler County where mental health and drug and alcohol services are provided.
  • Conducts interviews with consumers and family members to find what they like and dislike about the services they receive.


  • Sends monthly reports and meets with the county staff.
  • Educates  consumers and the community to remind them they have the right to be heard.



GV will advocate for all people

GV funded by & Anti Discrimination clause


If you would like to request an interview with a C/ FST monitor,

either call 724-283-5553 or  fill in the form below:

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