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The COVID-19 Lockdown and social distancing have brought to everyone’s awareness that humans are social creatures, and that we need contact and interaction with each other to function correctly.  It taught the world what people with mental health issues have known all along:

At Grapevine Center, we strive to create a space and atmosphere where people can connect with peers who understand what they are going through, and support their journey to recovery.  We understand that mental illness can destroy lives, so we provide the FREE resources that enable people to stabilize their condition, then access more guidance and support that will put them on the path to recover and rebuild their lives. 

We get people back on their feet and try to keep them there.

Grapevine Center supports everyone from veterans with PTSD; women and men who have been sexually violated, suffered childhood abuse or been in the Foster care system;  and anyone with depression; anxiety disorder; bi-polar disease; schizophrenia; autism; ADHD; Autism; those who have self-medicated with drugs or alcohol;  and those who have become homeless or incarcerated as a result. We firmly believe : 

Grapevine Center provides:  access to showers; frequent free meals or snacks and coffee; laundry; access to phones and  computers; TV;  toiletries & clothes; and trained guidance.  We have specific help for the homeless; and those recently  released from jails.

We keep up morale with a social environment where people can hang out and recover, be stimulated with field trips; taken to community events; and even enjoy an annual, FREE, three day camping event.  Some people have never had a vacation before. Activities like pool, Bingo; cards; Birthday events; and parties & a place to go on all major holidays.

Our Team of Certified Peer Specialists — who have recovered from a mental illness, themselves — function as life coaches, helping people develop a Wellness Recovery Action Program that helps them manage their mental triggers; helps them build up a support network; provides free transport for important activities, and grocery shopping; and helps them achieve their recovery goals, like getting/regaining a drivers license; finding suitable accommodation; getting medical attention and medications; Rehab; going to probation meetings; obtaining education, vocational training or jobs.

Employment:  Grapevine Center gives many people a second chance by employing people who have recovered or are recovering from mental illnesses; those with previous drug & alcohol addictions; and those with criminal records.  Many had not worked for a long periods, before, due to their mental conditions or criminal records. Many do so well here, they go on to regular well-paid work in the community. That is our objective!

Two of our Superstars who have gone on to do better things

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