Self-Esteem is Very Important

Self-esteem is necessary to succeed in life.  Cultivate it in your children and in yourself.  Approve of yourself, be your own best friend, nurture your inner child; and forgive yourself.  You are and have been doing the best you could with what you knew at the time.  If you now know better, you can now change … Continue reading Self-Esteem is Very Important



This article is about fitness and countering the effects of sitting, but they don't mention the beneficial effects to mental health.  Walking and exercise stimulates the production of endorphins and dopamine.  People always report that they feel so much better after taking a walk and getting out of the house/ office, getting sun, fresh air … Continue reading WALKING FOR MENTAL HEALTH


So, we know sugar causes the Sugar Blues and other mental illnesses:  Cinnamon is your ally in combating the sugar that is so ubiquitous in our food.  Sodas of course, unless they are the diet kind, loaded with the poison Aspartame - which is worse, are saturated with sugar.  Change or adjust your diet, especially … Continue reading CINNAMON:  INSANELY GOOD FOR YOU!