This page is not only  about white sugar but also  brown,  raw, turbinado sugar, molasses, syrups, and other concentrated sweeteners like : dextrose (glucose) , fructose, galactose, maltose, lactose, dextrin, dextrains,  and honey.  Our body digests and absorbs these concentrated sources of sugars rapidly, and quickly turns them into saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. If we do not burn off the fat through activity, it will start accumulating under our skin,in our livers in our arteries and other organs.

One thing is a  common characteristic for all those sweeteners: they are concentrated and composed of simple sugars  (monosaccharide  and disaccharide). Simple sugars are also called rapid sugars because they do not need digestion and are absorbed rapidly in our bloodstream.

After being absorbed in our bloodstream, they raise blood glucose levels too high. This condition is called hyperglycemia, and is one of the symptoms of diabetes. If our pancreas function were as it should be, it would produce enough insulin to remove excess glucose from our bloodstream with amazing efficiency.

But huge production of insulin cannot be stopped in the same moment as sugar stops coming into the bloodstream. Too much insulin will then cause too rapid a fall of glucose level in the blood. That is called hypoglycemia, and symptoms may include depression, dizziness, crying spells, aggression, insomnia, weakness, and even loss of consciousness.

When blood glucose falls too low, our adrenal glands will mobilize the body’s stores of glycogen (starch like carbohydrate , many glucose molecules hooked end to end in a chain,stored in liver and muscle) and will also stimulate the synthesis of glucose from proteins and other substances present in our body.

A diet rich in sugars will catch our pancreas and adrenal glands in a biochemical see-saw, overworking them. It could weaken the pancreas and result in diabetes. Cardiovascular complications that follow excess glucose or fats kill many diabetics. If our body is unable to use all of the extra fats and cholesterol produced from sugars, it must dump the additional load. Fats can be deposited in the cells of our liver, heart, arteries, fat tissues, kidneys, muscles, and other organs.  That is beginning of  fatty degeneration.

One of the aspects of fatty degeneration is the depositing of visible fat in places where it is not normally found in healthy people. Fatty degeneration includes atherosclerosis, fatty liver and kidneys, some tumors, obesity and some forms of diabetes.

Sugars inhibit the function of our immune system, and increase diseases caused by poor immune function, such as colds, flu, AIDS, allergies, infections, …

Sugars increase our body’s production of adrenaline by four times, which puts the body into a state of  ‘fight or flight’  stress, without anything to fight or flee from , except the consumption of sugar. This stress reaction increases the production of both cholesterol and cortisone. Cortisone inhibits immune function.

Sugars lack the vitamins and minerals required for their own metabolism. To be metabolized, sugars must draw on our body’s stores of these nutrients. The more sugars you eat, the more vitamins and minerals you need.

It can leach B, C, D  vitamins, and those minerals:

calcium, phosphorous, iron, selenium, zinc, chromium, vanadium, tin, boron, bismuth, rear earth elements etc. from our teeth, bones, and tissues.

As these are depleted, our body becomes less able to carry out other functions that require minerals and vitamins to be present: to metabolize fats and cholesterol; to convert cholesterol into bile acids for removal from our body through the stool; or to burn-off excess fats as heat or increased activity. As a result , our cholesterol level rises; our metabolic rate goes down; fats burn more slowly; gall stones are crystallizing in our livers; we feel less like exercising, and our weight is increasing.   We have already started walking our way to cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

As you see , sugar is where it all starts, I mean disease.

Sugar causes irritation and weakening of the mucous membranes of the body and robs the teeth, bones and blood of a great percentage of their minerals. Inflammatory diseases of the breathing and digestive organs result from the use of brown and white sugar.

If , after reading those facts you feel like stopping sugar consumption, we recommend the following alternatives:

dry fruit, fresh fruit, fresh fruit juice,  resins, apple syrup, rice malt, barley malt.

But, do not just replace sugar with malt, or apple syrup.  It is also important to generally decrease consumption of concentrated sweeteners. Eat more fresh fruit and compote.

The easiest way of decreasing consumption of sugar is by decreasing consumption of meat.

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