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Posted by Ghost Girl

Aug 12, 2022

Left: me, completely broken…

This was me, (on the left) completely broken, 93 pounds, living on the streets, living in fear, in pain, addicted to meth and heroin, and ready for my life to finally end. I had endocarditis twice from using and I had a hole in my heart. My mom took that picture when she went to rescue me.

I took this picture on the right tonight. Didn’t care about angles. Just wanted to show my happiness. 9 months clean. I fought hard for months in the hospital, survived heart surgery, gained 40 pounds, got a place to live, and I have my family and my two cats that help me. I’ve posted the before pic a lot but my story is important. Recovery is possible and it is worth it.

Amber Hoffman

Girl you’re wonderful..!! ✨💜

Al Bundy · 8mo

Important message for people from your former situation: whatever you think, it’s never too late! Stories like yours very important, glad you got better!

Elizabeth Brown · Jan 26

It is too late after the overdose takes the life of the addict. This can and does happen to addicts who don’t get help. Great that Ghost Girl has turned her life around with help from family. We only get one chance here, unless you believe in reincarnation

Scott Ryan · 8mo

Keep it going…..

We’re all addicted to something, the difference is, you are beating yours.

Peggy Elms · 8mo

Couldn’t be happier to read this story and you should walk tall and proud because you did more than good. Your mom’s an Angel too, you know. More success and power to you.

Susan Drabik · 8mo

You are truly an inspiration you’re also one of the lucky ones that had somebody care about you and didn’t wanna lose you. Take what you’ve learned and move forward. There’s a lot of kids with the same story out there. If you could just save one, please try. Also, God bless your mom for believing in you and knowing you could change and make it. She’s beautiful, you’re beautiful, and God was watching

Jamie Manning · 8mo

You are absolutely beautiful! Good for you! My boyfriend is also a recovering addict. He fought hard like you and now he is an RN. I am so proud of you both. Keep fighting the good fight. You are such an inspiration to the world.

Sam Beattie · 8mo

You know this is fake right?

Faith Reverie · Feb 6

I thought it might be, since the tattoo appears different, so I looked her up and found a news story on her. It appears to be legit, the story, anyways. It IS the same person, in the before and after picture.

Yes, I am a research nerd.

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