This CNN video explains that Americans are losing their hearing at an alarming rate. Loss of hearing also contributes to Alzheimer and dementia presumably because it induces isolation and loneliness.

This alarming hearing loss is due to:

  • Loud noises at work or traffic
  • Listening to loud rock, heavy metal or rap music , (which also causes the structure of water to break down, see pictures below, and human beings are comprised of about 70% water, so it does the same to your own cells)
Results when water is exposed to different sounds, music, words and emotions or prayer; then flash frozen and examined. Work of Dr. Maseru Emoto
  • Using cell phones, (which also cause brain tumors as our bodies/brains are not equipped to sense this kind of energy wave, and our brains are effectively being cooked by our cellphones)
  • Earphones are also culprits in this hearing loss, presumably because the sound is turned up right inside the ear.

Check it out here  –  ON CBS    Scroll down to watch video on                                         WHAT’S BEHIND AMERICAN’S HEARING LOSS?




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