No doubt about it, 2021 is also going to be a challenging year! The Chinese Year of the Ox promises us that, like the hard-working ox, we too will have to expend considerable effort to make headway, this year. As well as be very disciplined with our time and organizational skills. We can think of no better idea than to kick off the year with a vision board, to check all those blocks!

We can begin by noting our resolution goals, and dividing them into categories. Some categories may be: Losing weight (a perennial goal!); Exercise & Fitness for Wellness goals; Mental Health goals; Career goals; Money goals – like saving for something special, or Investing; Major Purchase goals – like a house or car, or just Relocation goals; Education goals; Love & Romance goals; New Hobbies goals, or Socialization goals (tricky in this time); Travel goals; Every day goals – like Change your Morning routines; and getting organized.

Divide your goals into Long Term; and Short Term goals, then decide how you will arrange them on your Vision Board. You may start a long term goal like : Losing 20 lbs; and next to it your short term goals on the way to doing that, like Change Diet (list dietary changes or goals); Become Vegan; GO on 10 Day Bone Broth Fast; and Exercise; or a Long Term goal like Own My Own Home; alongside Short Term goals like Change My Career; Create Resume; Search Want Ads; Mail off 2-3 Resumes per Day; etc.

This board looks a bit cluttered to my taste. Less clutter and more readability

Find some magazines and cut out images that capture your goal and inspire you. Glue them onto the cardstock according to your organizational system above. Have fun making your vision board. Do it with a friend or loved one. Play music and eat treats while you do it (or keep the treat until it is finished). Add some Inspirational Quotes. Now, most importantly, put your Vision Board someplace you’ll see it every day; next to your bed, where you can see it when you wake up and before you go to sleep, is wonderfully effective. This will remind you of your goals, and impress them on your Subconscious, so that you work on them. Then take consistent action!!!

Fix firmly in your own mind, the great and splendid things you would like to do. Then, as the days go gliding by, without violence of direction, you will find yourself unconsciously seizing the opportunities that carry you further in the fulfillment of your desire; just as the coral sifts from the running tide, the elements it needs to build the Reef.

The thought that you hold in your mind, is hourly transforming you into what you Admire (and Believe, you can become); and conspiring to help you accomplish that which you wish to achieve.

It also helps to have an Achievement Board — a board that lists your past accomplishments. This helps to remind you that you CAN create and achieve the things you set your mind to.

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