My Son Stays in His Room All the Time?

While teenagers do need privacy, being cooped up and plugged in most of the time they are home is not good for their physical or mental health. The continuing lack of in-person interaction for teens has a particularly negative impact for boys, because they tend to bond through activities rather than conversation, but girls are impacted too. Suicide is all too frequent in this environment.

Exercise Increases Brain Volume, Decreases Dementia Risk: Study

AFP Published Wednesday, August 3, 2016 9:30AM EDT It is never too late get involved in physical activity, and new research has found that regular physical activity in older adults could increase brain size and decrease the risk of cognitive decline. Researchers from UCLA, Calif.,  used the landmark Framingham Heart Study to look at an association between exercise, … Continue reading Exercise Increases Brain Volume, Decreases Dementia Risk: Study


Here is a very powerful guided meditation that will heal your soul.  It is centered around the words "I am"  which also happens to be the name of God as told to Moses.  This meditation will calm you, engage your mind in uplifting thoughts,  increase your self-esteem when you insert positive adjectives for yourself, such … Continue reading GUIDED MEDITATION TO HEAL & EMPOWER


This article is about fitness and countering the effects of sitting, but they don't mention the beneficial effects to mental health.  Walking and exercise stimulates the production of endorphins and dopamine.  People always report that they feel so much better after taking a walk and getting out of the house/ office, getting sun, fresh air … Continue reading WALKING FOR MENTAL HEALTH