Here is a very powerful guided meditation that will heal your soul.  It is centered around the words “I am”  which also happens to be the name of God as told to Moses.  This meditation will calm you, engage your mind in uplifting thoughts,  increase your self-esteem when you insert positive adjectives for yourself, such as  ‘I AM Happy;   I AM kind; I AM likable; I AM lovable; I am intelligent; I AM resourceful; etc.” , and manifest better things in your life.  Make a list of positive attributes for yourself and add to them each time you do this meditation.  

Two versions of this meditation are given, one by Paul Santisi and the other by Wayne Dyer.  Try both and see which you like best.  Each gives a different introduction which is very informative, and the sounds are different giving quite different approaches.

So, find a quite comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed, get a pen and paper for those moments of inspiration, close your eyes, and enjoy.


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